Cyrus Logistics Services

Cyrus Logistics division underpins the integrated supply and trading of all group marketing activities providing feedstock sourcing and transportation services whether by land through Cyrus Transportation or sea through Cyrus Shipping Services together with capability to support bulk and mobile storage provision through Cyrus Engineering and our in-house engineering fabrication service.

Cyrus Shipping Services was established in 1998 to meet the internal and external transportation requirements for GCC, Africa and CIS countries. Experienced in handling different types of cargoes, operating a fleet of bitumen carriers, oil tankers and conducting ship management for the group and others, Cyrus Shipping Services has created flexibility to meet its international Client requirements efficiently, whether it is containerized to bulk or break bulk.

Cyrus Engineering Services commenced steel fabrication activity in 2001 providing in-house fabrication, construction of bulk storage tanks and equipment manufacturing as well as external fabrication services. This service has now extended to fabrication of Bitumen isotainers as an additional option in our provision of logistical solutions.


Shipping services includes management and operation of wholly owned fleet of bulk bitumen and petroleum carriers as well as providing chartering and agency operations for specialized needs. It also provides shipping and logistic services required by the Companies within the group.
The activity of Fabrication & Steel work started in 2001, as a part of the Cyrus Group of Companies in UAE. Its main focus is in the steel elements industry.
CEC provides quality fabrication and installation of structural steel element, storage tanks, vessels, ISO tanks, pipe works, silos, road tankers, low bed trailers and turn key process engineering.