Ransa Commodities

RANSA is a vertically integrated commodity supply chain management company with offices and investments across 5 continents.
RANSA is well diversified, managing several product lines under agricultural based commodity verticals. It is fully integrated in commodity segments such as food staples, fresh and frozen meat, beans, pulses, rice, edible oil, meals, fertilizers.
RANSA believes in bringing its clients and consumers the best quality products in a reliable and efficient manner. We are partially to fully integrated in our commodity segments sourcing a vast amount of our own produce, investing in transport and logistics, refineries, storage and packaging systems. All of these dynamic forces allow us to reduce costs and improve efficiency, whilst delivering the best of quality to our clients and consumers.
We have many lines of assets around the world to ensure we cater to our clients' needs in the most efficient manner. Having self-owned shipping berths and multiple storage facilities, vessels located in key destinations working 24x7 to deliver the best value to our clients-catering to a universe of more than 2 Billion consumers.

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